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Profiles of Institutions for Scientific Exchance and Training in the South, 3rd edition, 2003.


Profiles of Institutions for Scientific Exchange and Training in the South: The questionnaire can be downloaded as a PDF file here: Profile_Form.pdf
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Profiles of Science Ministries, Academies and Research Councils in the South

Every other year TWNSO publishes a directory with detailed information about its member institutions. The publication, the only one of its kind, provides useful information on the status and prospects paper writing service of science and technology in the South.

Profiles of Institutions for Scientific Exchange and Training in the South

In 2003, TWNSO, in collaboration with the South Centre, published the third edition of a monograph containing 525 detailed profiles of world-class research and training institutions in 59 countries of the South. The publication is designed to help increase scientific collaboration both among centres of research in the South and between them and their counterparts in the North.

An article in the TWAS Newsletter describes the project: pdf icon Profiling Scientific Excellence in the South (Vol. 16 No. 2 - 2004)

Series of Monographs: Sharing Innovative Experiences

In preparation:

  • Examples of the Development of Pharmaceutical Products from Medicinal Plants
  • Successful Initiatives for Safe Drinking Water


Twice a year TWNSO publishes a two-page bulletin, "TWNSO Update". Issues produced so far are available for download here: