Medicinal Plants

International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS): List of Acta Horticulturae resulting from ISHS Section Medicinal and Aromatic Plants meetings:

PRELUDE Databank: Originally set up at the Laboratory of Medical Botany of the University of Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), the databank (in French and English) -- now located at the Metafro site at the Royal Museum of Central Africa in Tervuren (Belgium): -- provides access to condensed information from a variety of sources regarding the use of traditional medicinal plants in veterinary and human medicine in different regions of Africa. The information stored in the database is gleaned from scientific articles, books, papers presented at congresses or inserted directly through the Prelude Sub-Network on "Health, dissertation writers animal productions, environment".

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy for the Developing World - Workshop. 21-25 June 2004, Carbondale, CO, USA. Solar Energy International (SEI) presents a workshop on how to successfully implement renewable energy projects in the developing world. Effective technology transfer methods will be presented, as well as setting up infrastrcuture and the economics and financing of renewable energy proejcts. Case studies will be presented on solar cooking, rural electrification, appropriate building technologies, rural health care, and microenterprises utilitzing renewable energy. Contact: SEI, PO Box 715, Carbondale, CO 81623 USA. tel: 970-963-8855, fax: 970-963- 8866, email:, website:

Renewable Energy for the Developing World - Hands-On Workshop. 28 June 28 - 1 July 2004, Carbondale, CO, USA. The workshop will focus of solar electricity, solar hot water, and solar cooking, and will include classroom sessions, labs, and hands-on projects. Contact: Solar Energy International (SEI), PO Box 715, Carbondale, CO 81623 USA. tel: 970-963-8855, fax: 970-963-8866, email:, website:


The OPEC Fund for International Development has announced the launch of its new website at new

Google has released a new search tool for academic content called Google Scholar. It's in beta, it's got its own syntax, and it is available at One can search for key words and phrases in peer-reviewed journal articles, theses, books, technical papers, as well as preprints (articles available on the Internet prior to publication). It does not return any non-academic websites that contain the selected key words.

Openaccessjournals.doc word icon (list with URLs, provided by the Zoological Society of London)

The Electronic Publishing Trust for Development (EPT) facilitates open access to the world's scholarly literature and supports the electronic publication of reviewed bioscience journals from countries experiencing difficulties with traditional publication: International E-Publishing Resources Online

The Free electronic Journals Delivery Service (eJDS) Programme facilitates access to current scientific literature for free. The goal is to distribute individual scientific articles via e-mail to scientists in institutions in Third World countries that do not have sufficient bandwidth to download material from the Internet in a timely manner and/or cannot afford the connection:

NATO Science, Technology and Research Network. In order to foster resource sharing, the NATO Research Technology Agency recently finished the initial development of its "science, technology and research network" (STARNET; -- a collection of scientific data sources freely available on the Internet. The purpose of this network is to facilitate access to the non-classified scientific information already existing in many different countries. The STARNET virtual library focuses on seven different topic areas or "nodes": Aerospace and Aerospace-Related Research Information Node (ARIN); Defense Against Terrorism Node (DTIN); Environmental and Biological Sciences Node (EBSIN); Information Science Node (INSCIN); Land-Based Operations Node (LBON); Naval, Marine and Sea-based Operations Node (NAVMAS) and Research Planning Node (RESPLAN). NATO is currently seeking feedback on STARNET as well as suggestions for additional resources to include in the network. [Source: Internet Resources Newsletter]